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Yellow Vivas

This was the second year of this particular event. I didn't attend last year - mind you I wasn't even aware it was on to tell you the truth! This is certainly mainly a modern car thing - Lots of accessory stalls and highly polished 17" alloys, you get the picture! The saving grace for this show is that it really is about performance - to prove it, you can race the famous quarter mile strip at Santa Pod and prove your car does actually move!!

On the strip, racers were limited to 3 runs over the whole day. This is actually a good thing as you get more cars through - and no bloody bikes! About time! The Viva outlaws were in attendance running mid 15 sec quarters, also of note was a VX220 turbo, actually being quicker than the touring car it was racing - maybe it was off form eh? Mick from Wacky Racers was also keen to run a few good times, the matt black Firenza getting to be a real handful almost to half track on the first attempt - Proof that grip wasn't particularly great - A combination of the scorching weather and lack of proper track prep? There was sand on the start line too. The Firenza ran a high 11 the first time round, then backed off the nitrous. This car is worth a look - everything is matt black. It looks like it's been wedged in a chimney for the past 10 years! Nobody knows what to make of it!

Quickest car of the day was an unassuming Mk1 Cavalier 4 door, running gold Rostyles and Weller wheels. Thought it might have had a stock Rover V8 or the like. This was accompanied by a modest burnout then... All hell breaks loose as it runs an arrow straight ten second quarter! And a couple to back it up! There was also a Calibra, Super Gas style in attendance though not on form, and a couple of other Vivas, a 14 sec Chevette but that was it as far as old cars go. They did grab a lot of attention though at the event. Marvellous. Anything rear wheel drive drew a great crowd on the rolling road! Quite a novelty!
Will I be there next year? Oh yes, if they put it on. And hopefully I won't be in a Nova saloon too.

V8 Firenza
Viva Outlaws
Drag racing
Dyno gubbins

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