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I think this is going to have to be called the Billing Review section from now on as there's going to be more text than images this year! This was mainly due to the fact that yours truly shared an autojumble stall with Mark Tate to be rid of our endless piles of engine bits and 80s car panels. We didn't really think we'd sell much but did really rather well considering, even selling the two GT bonnets that we had. I wouldn't like to try and get one of those home on the back seat of a Viva. I'd need to fold it in half!

Regardless of all this waffle, we had a good time this year. The weather was much kinder than in 2001 and there did seem to be more cars too. Of particular note was a couple of Belgian cars I saw, one blue Opel Kadett coupe that really was fantastic, and the other was a very straight Nova saloon (Can't believe I'm writing this) in metallic blue, also executed to a very high standard. The thing that set these cars apart from their counterparts was the way that they were quite understated and not plastered in stick on bonnet pins (yes these things exist I kid you not!)

There was a very impressive convertible HB Viva on show, with the underpinnings of a modern Vauxhall hidden in there. It was even front wheel drive. Not a conversion for the faint hearted.
Actually I didn't have a good look round really as I was so busy on the stall but next year shall be different, with it being 100 years of Vauxhall. I think I'll miss out the selling of junk and go as a punter instead. A much more rewarding experience, especially if I actually turn up in something worth driving. A transit van (which is what I turned up in this year) is about as cool as a sack full of rotten fish heads stuck in yer living room on a hot day.

Blue Nova saloon
Opel Kadett B coupe
Holden Torana

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